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Terms of Service

1.Any person desiring to become our client shall fill up the Client Introduction form and execute the Client Agreement with us.

2. The proposed Client shall bring in Margin of minimum Rs.25,000/- which will carry interest @ 9 % p.a and can avail turnover upto times of the deposit. The Clients' open position and turnover limit will be reduced proportionately for any loan incurred by him and also by his mark to market losses at the end of any day. In case the Client wants to increase his exposure, he should provide an additional margin @ 15% for the excess limit he desires to have.

3. Only those securities purchased through us and lying with us/SDSSBPL and/or DEMAT shares will be accepted for sale. If a Client sells any securities and is not in a position to deliver the securities purchased through us and/or held by us or SDSSBP or in DEMAT form then such positions will be deemed a short and the Client shall have to bear the resultant debit.

4. All operations will be subject to and within the rules, regulations or guidelines of NSE, SEBI or any other appropriate authority except the terms & conditions agreed upon between Client and Company.

5. The Client will pay loss and/or mark to market loss incurred by 10 a.m. next day failing which he will not be allowed to continue his business from next day. In the event of his mark to market loss exceeding 50% of the deposit at any point of time, he must pay the loss immediately. Otherwise company will be entitled to square up his outstanding position and the resultant debit if any shall have to be borne by the Client.

6. Any special margin (other than those which exist at present) that may be levied by the Exchange shall also be compulsorily brought in by the Client. The Firm will circulate the details of such impositions to all the Clients.

7. Any special margin (other than those which exist at present) that may be levied by the Exchange shall also be compulsarily brought in by the Client. The Firm will circulate the details of such impositions to all the Clients.
For sales made in Three Day Settlement(AE), the copies of Instruction Slips should be submitted by Friday evening. Failure to do so would make it impossible for us to effect deliveries to NSCCL/NSDL and the positions pertaining to documents remaining undelivered would be deemed as short and they would go in for auction.

8. The trading member would be in no way responsible for any losses and obligations relating to open positions due to loss of system connectivity or any other reason including exposure and margin commitment which will have to borne by the Client.

9. The parties to the agreement mutually agree that member shall have the right to recover any dues from the Client from the pay-outs, sales of shares standing in the Clients name, or delivery of shares belonging to the Client in any of the settlement cycle in any of the Stock exchanges in the country without making further reference to or confirmation from the Client.

10. Failure on the part of the Client to make payments as required will be viewed seriously and besides closing out the outstanding positions of such Clients, the Trading Member Firm shall also have the right to sell, without any notice, the documents that may be lying with it, in order to realise the dues. The discretion to inform the Client prior to such sale of documents shall solely rest with the Management.

11. The conditions laid down here shall form part of the Agreement that has been entered into between the Trading Member and the Client.

12. The Clients have to make the payment only by A/c Payee cheque in the name of Sugal & Damani Share Brokers Ltd. The Clients have to give delivery of Physical/Demat shares only to Sugal & Damani Share Brokers Ltd. The Sugal & Damani Share Brokers Ltd., will not be liable for payment/Delivery given in any other name.

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